Salaryman + Musume (daughter) – by Yuki Aoyama

Salaryman is an icon of Japan: wears suit and tie, is boring, works looooong hours, and is always found passed out on a sidewalk near you. This photographer, Yuki Aoyama, decided to bring out the ‘fun’ out of these salarymen by having them jump in front of their daughters. It’s a very odd contrast that you can see below.


aoyama-1 aoyama-7 aoyama-2


This is a little side project I got going on, just for fun. I decided to make soccer player’s faces out of geometric shapes. I have five faces so far, and am accepting suggestions for which other players I should tackle. Check my tumblr out and please share!

dk_rooney dk_ibrahimovic dk_prince

Ghosts of History by Jo Hedwig Teeuwise

This is an awesome project by Jo Hedwig Teeuwise. Apparently she found some old negatives in a flea market in amsterdam, and she started overlaying the negatives with current photos of the exact same spot. The results are really cool. It’s kinda like you are briefly transported to that period in time, since theres the familiarity of the current photo with the old school vibe of the negatives. Check some of her work below:

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