The New Reais – Brazil is changing their money… again…

So the BC (Banco Central or something like Central Bank), just released images of the new Reais. They are keeping tradition with the past brazilian paper money, and are colored (brazilian people like the colorful stuff), but now, they each have a different size, related to their value (so the smaller ones have less value than the bigger one), which was made in order to help visually impaired people to distinguish the money.

Brazil has had so many different currencies throughout the years. The first one was actually called Real as well (but the plural at that time would be Réis, instead of the current Reais. I guess we were still more grammatically tied to the original Portuguese grammar). Then we had the Cruzeiro, Cruzeiro Novo, Cruzeiro again, Cruzado, Cruzado Novo, Cruzeiro, Cruzeiro Real, and at last the current Real. Below are a few samples of all these cited above.

Wonder if other countries have had as many currency changes as we had in the past century…

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