shoes flashback: Nike Air Kukini

Remember this? I think it came out around 2000/01 (at least, that’s when I got a pair). It was an AMAZING shoe. Super light, no need to tie laces. You’d just slip it on, and be ready to go. I really like the colors too. I had the blue one (see pic below). It’s on the top of my fave shoes, pretty close to the original Presto. I miss the cool slip-ons shoes (that arent Vans ,or laceless Chucks).

15 thoughts on “shoes flashback: Nike Air Kukini

  1. I don’t quite remember, but I think I had a pair of those too, and they got worn out. Later I bought another pair at a Nike outlet store, but it was to big for me so I gave it to my younger brother. They were black with red I think.

  2. i had a pair of these too and the commercial for it rocked. definitely one of my favorite pairs i’ve owned. hard to find shoe…

  3. I had these shoes back in the day & they were the most comfortable shoe I ever wore. I have been looking to buy another pair for the last couple of years. Does anyone know the name of the shoe?

  4. Oh my freaking goodness. I had worn these shoes for running since I was 12 for 8 years. And they finally broke a couple of months ago. I was having a difficulty to find them anywhere in the world. Even employees at a NIKE store don’t really remember them. I can’t run or play any sports without them. But I find them online and bought them. So happy. Best running shoes ever in my life. I love them.

  5. oh my, i had the dark red Air Kukini, they were all dark red with the typical “web” of the kukini models. I see now they were a limited edition!
    They have been the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had: laceless and so damn cool! I wish I could find them back………… there any online shop you can suggest to get this specific model?

  6. nah man, i wish i knew of a place that still has pairs of those.
    who knows, maybe nike will bring them back as a re-issue soon. (cross fingers)

  7. i am trying to find something similar now! i had the women’s grey kukini with briiiight yellow “web laces” and absolutely loved them. finally had to throw them away a couple of months ago because the soles were literally falling off in pieces. featherlight, and awesome shoes to train in. bring them back, Nike!

  8. i has 1 too. exactly the same color. i miss it. :~(

    super light, & as u mentioned, just slip my feet in. it matches best when ur wearing some shorts or seasoned jeans… looks PERFECT!!! if theres a possibility, i still want to get 1 for myself again. 🙂

  9. i thought i was the only one that thought these were best shoes ever. why doesnt Nike make more? i had mine for 8 years. longest shoe i ever own. best fit i ever had for a shoe. wish there is a way to find old pairs like these.

  10. Man on man – I bought a pait of these ages ago and have always wanted another pair. I had the same water patterned ones and for years did searches and couldn’t find them. I agree that they are definitely on the top of my all time shoe list! I’m definitely getting a pair of the new ones – although I wish they had stuck to the water color scheme!

  11. I still have mine!!! I love them and wish I could find another pair. If you know were I can get them please let me know

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