This is a little side project I got going on, just for fun. I decided to make soccer player’s faces out of geometric shapes. I have five faces so far, and am accepting suggestions for which other players I should tackle. Check my tumblr out and please share!

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Deep fried gadgets

So, photographer Henry Hargreaves has decided to get gadgets, and cook them in a deep fryer. He says:  “I see similarities between tech culture and fast food. Quickly devoured and then discarded.” And the man has got a point. And plenty of cool photos to demonstrate it.



p.s. No actual electronics were harmed in the making of these amazing shots: all of them were made out of foamcore. Still they look like the real thing. And also appetizing, like most things deep-fried.

Elisabeth Kopf’s “My Little Orchestra”

These cd boxes for Vienna Art Orchestra’s 20th anniversary, from famous design Elisabeth Kopf are simply amazing. The cd packaging itself makes music using the air flow produced by the opening and closing of the boxes. There are 30 handmade boxes, and all of them together comprises a full orchestral composition. See the video below for an explanation form Kopf herself, or check her website to see more of her amazing work.

Winnie The Pooh + Avengers

Illustrated by Charles Paul Wilson III