The Hyperizers

It’s funny. Featuring the Hyperizers comprised of “Fog Raw” (aka Mo Williams), “Ice-O” (Rashard Lewis), “Chief Blocka” (Andre Iguodala) and “Velvet Hoop” (Kevin Durant). If one of them used an auto-tuner like Kanye, this video would be taken to the next level.

LeBron D U N K E D O N?

Yes, he was…


Apparently LeBron was dunked on by a Xavier sophomore during his skills camp. Which is fine, it happens to the best of us (specially the ones who can’t dunk like me). The problem was that he had Nike confiscate any evidence (videos, photos and so on) of it. LAME. Maybe this is an indication of how Cleveland will behave next year: LeBron will probably not defend the paint close enough, afraid of getting posterized, which equals Cleveland not making the Finals again, and the Lakers beating Boston in 6. And no, Shaq won’t be a factor.

MVPuppets – Kobe re-enacts his jump over an Aston Martin

I really liked this campaign. Let’s see what happens now, since LeBron couldn’t get the Cavs to the Finals.

I also wonder why Adidas doesn’t make anything related to Dwight Howard. Superman, the biggest smile on the NBA and so on… seems like such a fertile territory to create something for. PLUS he just carried the Magic into the Finals… what more does the man need to do to get some nice ad campaign going for him?

Kobe Doin’ Work


So I used my spare holiday time to watch Spike Lee’s Kobe Doin Work, that I had recorded a couple weeks back on my dvr. Gotta say I was pretty bored halfway thru it. It’s pretty much Kobe all the time (I guess we could expect that), but I don’t think there was anything insightful about it. At least not anything that we didn’t know about Kobe. I was also really looking forward for the locker room footage, but it all came down to Phil Jackson trying to say something and Kobe trying to interrupt him. The one cool thing about the film, was the various angles covered by Spike’s cameras, like in the huddle for example. Anyways, as long as LA beat Denver tonite (with Kobe maybe dropping 40 or 50 on them) it’s all good. GO LAKERS!