Some kicks I’ve been eyeing 1: NB M1500

These are so classy and timeless. The grey is so easy to match with anything to. Last time I was in JPN, I copped myself a pair of the M1600 (the model that came rigt after this one). And have been wearing them so much, that I have no sole on the heels anymore. Maybe it is time for a new one…

Nike “Brasil True Colors” ft. Nunca

Nike is doing a collaboration with six different artists from six different nationalities in anticipation for the 2010 World Cup, dubbed Nike Six (6) Collaboration. It features Mister Cartoon for the USA, Nunca for Brasil, James Jarvis for Engalnd, Delta for the Netherlands, So Me of the Cool Cats collective for France and Kronk Kronk for South Africa. It’s pretty dope.

And it seems they just did used one of their Sportswear stores, to showcase Nunca’s collab work. See pics below:

And it seems they also had the super cool ‘Black Pack’ there:

via Isa Ferreira and FreshnessMag.