Rio 2016, é nóis aqui traveiz

Wow, this was kinda unexpected (at least for me). So many reasons for it: Brazil would be hosting the 2014 World Cup, and why would they give another major sporting event to the same country two years after? Also I still wonder where all the money will come from, and if the country has the infrastructure to receive so many tourists (people say that the influx of money that will come from the tourists will heat up the economy), but thing is: you need to be ready for them. And I dont think we are (not right now). Well, I guess we hope for the best. And when time comes, we ‘dá um jeitinho’.

Anyways, the post was more so I could post this video produced by O2 in Brasil. Very reminiscent of W+K/Nike stuff. Nice photography. Using real world sounds to bring the music in. It’s nicely executed. (and does not show favelas).

Tron Legacy

Wow… this is gonna be cool. Growing up, that was one of the coolest movies ever, the visuals were stunning. Seeing this brings me back to a time where I was using a computer that was running the infamous MS-DOS, and its command lines. No internet. Wow… that seems likes ages ago.

Departures | Okuribito

Just saw this movie this weekend. It feels a little long, and starts like a lighthearted, comical kind of movie. But it subtly evolves into a more complex story. It’s pretty interesting to see how one would handle such an odd job (enconffinment of dead people), and how it affects his personal/social life. Recommend it fo sho. It’s worth your money.

Kobe Doin’ Work


So I used my spare holiday time to watch Spike Lee’s Kobe Doin Work, that I had recorded a couple weeks back on my dvr. Gotta say I was pretty bored halfway thru it. It’s pretty much Kobe all the time (I guess we could expect that), but I don’t think there was anything insightful about it. At least not anything that we didn’t know about Kobe. I was also really looking forward for the locker room footage, but it all came down to Phil Jackson trying to say something and Kobe trying to interrupt him. The one cool thing about the film, was the various angles covered by Spike’s cameras, like in the huddle for example. Anyways, as long as LA beat Denver tonite (with Kobe maybe dropping 40 or 50 on them) it’s all good. GO LAKERS!