Kobe Doin’ Work


So I used my spare holiday time to watch Spike Lee’s Kobe Doin Work, that I had recorded a couple weeks back on my dvr. Gotta say I was pretty bored halfway thru it. It’s pretty much Kobe all the time (I guess we could expect that), but I don’t think there was anything insightful about it. At least not anything that we didn’t know about Kobe. I was also really looking forward for the locker room footage, but it all came down to Phil Jackson trying to say something and Kobe trying to interrupt him. The one cool thing about the film, was the various angles covered by Spike’s cameras, like in the huddle for example. Anyways, as long as LA beat Denver tonite (with Kobe maybe dropping 40 or 50 on them) it’s all good. GO LAKERS!

AstroBoy – Hollywood version

I’m pretty amped up to see how this is gonna come out. I’m a pretty big anime fan, but haven’t watched anything in a while. Anyways, I kinda wished Studio Ghibli would team up with Tezuka’s team and recreate Astro Boy, but if the trailers are any indication, it seems that this could be pretty cool. Watch the original AstroBoy intro below.

Plastic City – The Movie

Brasil (spelled with “s”, and not “z”, because that’s how it’s spelled in portuguese) is famous for its ethnic diversity, and it is also home to a vibrant asian population. São Paulo alone has the largest Japanese immigrant community in the world, and the Chinese have been settled there since the 1949 Communist Revolution. Most of them live on or around a neighborhood called Liberdade  (means Freedom in English, and just as a side note, I also lived there during my high school years in São Paulo) – to look for a new life and fresh opportunities in the New World. This is the setting for Plastic City. It is directed by Yu-Lik-Wai, and features Odagiri Jo, Anthony Wong, Tainá Muller among many other actors from various countries. Looks like an interesting movie to watch. Just released in Japan this past weekend. Wonder when it will be released here in the USA.


I saw this video a couple of years ago and thought it was pretty rad. The reaction face they got of the old lady passing by was priceless. Kosai Sekine is young japanese director, and has some really cool short films/ads/music videos, etc. One of his pieces that I really dig as well, is this awesome music video he directed for Jemapur. The music and image blend seamlessly. It’s very nicely executed. Check it below:

Eu vi esse vídeo pela primeira vez uns dois anos atrás, e achei muito loco. A reação da velhinha passando do lado da menina leva o vídeo pra um outro nível. Kosai Sekine é um jovem diretor japonês, e tem muitos trabalhos que eu admiro. Uma delas é esse vídeo que ele dirigiu pra uma banda japonesa chamada Jemapur. A música e as imagens formam um casamento perfeito. Cheque o vídeo abaixo:

Sukiyaki Western Django

This is a movie directed by Takashi Miike, and features Quentin Tarantino together with a bunch of famos japanese actors/actresses. It is basically an old western plot (two rival gangs facing off in this random town, and then a lone gunslinger comes to the aid of the town peeps), set in some sort of medieval Japan, where people fight with swords and guns. Just seemed too cool to pass up.

Um filme dirigido por Takashi Miike, que conta com Tarantino dentre os vários famosos atores e atrizes japoneses. É praticamente um daqueles bangue-bangue antigos (duas gangues rivais se topam numa cidadezinho no meio do nada pra resolver suas diferenças, até que um pistoleiro chega do nada pra ajudar o povo da cidade). A única diferença é que eles usam espadas, junto com os velhos 38. Só pelo fato de tentarem reinventar um faroeste, já vale o ingresso.