Some kicks I’ve been eyeing 1: NB M1500

These are so classy and timeless. The grey is so easy to match with anything to. Last time I was in JPN, I copped myself a pair of the M1600 (the model that came rigt after this one). And have been wearing them so much, that I have no sole on the heels anymore. Maybe it is time for a new one…

Sneakers I want…

These bring me back. Had a green pair of these when I was in high school. I’d probably cop out the blue, or beige one now.

And have been looking at these for a while (since when they were called Sabakus, and had a cool samurai stitched on the heel). These are much simpler. I like the cool grey/red version of it.

Kobe V X Bruce Lee posters

The new kobe V’s are a lot more slicker looking than the IV’s. Which is nice. They call it lo-tops, but like its predecessor, they are almost a mid-top. Not quite like a lo-profile soccer boot (which they claim they got the inspiration from). Anyways, the Bruce Lee colorway is dope, and it comes with these funny posters. All inspired by Bruce Lee’s original film posters. Good idea.

shoes flashback: Nike Air Kukini

Remember this? I think it came out around 2000/01 (at least, that’s when I got a pair). It was an AMAZING shoe. Super light, no need to tie laces. You’d just slip it on, and be ready to go. I really like the colors too. I had the blue one (see pic below). It’s on the top of my fave shoes, pretty close to the original Presto. I miss the cool slip-ons shoes (that arent Vans ,or laceless Chucks).

New Nike Harajuku Flagship store

Definitely a stop my next time in Tokyo. Specially interested on the Nike Futebol stuff. Tokyo has the nicest soccer shop I’ve ever been to: Kamo. They would always have some cleats and team uniforms that I would never seen before. I wonder if Nike will have the same type of exclusive, limited edition, japan-only type deals. Hope so.