FC Barcelona’s Blazer Hi’s


Looks like this was just released to celebrate Barcelona’s CL’s championship. It looks nice, but doesn’t really have Barça’s colors (i guess they’re going for the current uniform 2’s colorway). Anyways, I was glad Barça won. Suck it C. Ronaldo.

Kanye humbled by South Park (“YO THAT’S MESSED UP YO”)

* I guess “people” are taking all of Kanye/SouthPark episodes off the web. My buddy Leandro just sent this clip. And soon, the episode will be available on southparstudios.com.

I should be writing this in ALL CAPS like Kanye. But there’s enough Kanye in this world. This is a bit old by now. But worth posting anyway. South Park rocks! (and Eric drinks Dr.Pepper)

In other note, Kanye and Nike are rolling out the so-coveted Air Yeezys. It’s actually good timing for him to be on the news. VERY GOOD TIMING.