Deep fried gadgets

So, photographer Henry Hargreaves has decided to get gadgets, and cook them in a deep fryer. He says:  “I see similarities between tech culture and fast food. Quickly devoured and then discarded.” And the man has got a point. And plenty of cool photos to demonstrate it.



p.s. No actual electronics were harmed in the making of these amazing shots: all of them were made out of foamcore. Still they look like the real thing. And also appetizing, like most things deep-fried.

Hyperaddictive Stupid Games

Remember Tetris? Angry Birds? Draw Something and what not? Here’s a great article on NY Times Mag about how these hyperaddictie stupid games have been part of human culture since… huh… forever.

Plus, they designed this little game on their page, where you can shoot down elements from the page (ads, titles etc etc). Click on the image below to check it out: