Salaryman + Musume (daughter) – by Yuki Aoyama

Salaryman is an icon of Japan: wears suit and tie, is boring, works looooong hours, and is always found passed out on a sidewalk near you. This photographer, Yuki Aoyama, decided to bring out the ‘fun’ out of these salarymen by having them jump in front of their daughters. It’s a very odd contrast that you can see below.


aoyama-1 aoyama-7 aoyama-2

Tebow benched (even in mannequin form)

I’m not a huge (american) football fan, but I do follow the news here and there. Tebow is not supposed to be the best quarterback out there, but he seems to be capable enough of bringing something to a team (if they ever let him do it.) Apparently some Dick’s Sporting Goods store took a shot on Tebow, by benching him on their display. Sad, but funny.

Click here for the pic.

Feliz Ano Novo!!!!

I’ve been pretty bad on maintaining this blog for the past year, but (for whoever still reads this), will do a better job this year. Mainly the goal of this blog is to be a compendium of cool things I come across on the interwebs (or anywhere else.) So, hopefully, the new year will bring a bunch of cool shit to be posted here. Happy new year and may 2013 be awesome!!!!