Nike T90 IV

I’m not the best soccer player out there, but I do enjoy playing the beautiful game, and I do enjoy wearing nice boots. I got my first real boot when I was 13, and it was a Nike Tiempo. Loved it. And most people in Brazil back in the day didn’t have Nike boots, so it was kind of a rarity. Which is clearly not the case these days, with Nike dominating about half of the soccer world. Anyways, from the original Tiempo, I’ve switched to many boots: like the first Adidas Predator (which was super heavy 15 years ago, so imagine how it compares to boots these days), to the latest Nike T90 III (which is the boot I use nowadays).

These past couple of years we have seen Adidas kind of reclaim their territory in futbol, with the super light F50 and the AdiPure line. Now they even have a Predator that isn’t heavy.

And Nike was kinda left behind with the horrendous looking Vapors, and so-so looking CTR360.

I’m a big fan of the T90 III, so it was nice to see the evolution of that come to life. I haven’t tried it yet, but already have one complaint: there’s no leather upper option. Real leather is less durable, but so much better for ‘feeling’ the ball.

Anyways, the T90 IV has arrive, and it seems good. If I ever get one, I’ll let you know how it goes.