The Black Pixel Project – Help save our Planet

Sorry it’s in portuguese only. Basically, if you decide to take part in this campaign and install this application, it disables a pixel in your monitor (meaning you’ll save a little bit of energy). Which coupled with everybody else’s saved pixels in the world, makes it a big step towards keeping our Planet from degrading even more. Very cool idea.

Created by AlmapBBDO in Brazil.

Pepsi Kung Fu

Created by Almap/BBDO in Brasil, and directed by Fredrik Bond. The commercial is awesome, but it does leave that taste that you’ve seen stuff like this before. I’m a big sucker for the ‘Kung Fu Fighting’  track though. Seeing this spot, somehow reminded me of another Bond spot, that I think is one of the best ever made: the Wrangler Cafe.

Criado pela Almap/BBDO e dirigida por Fredrik Bond. Acho o anúncio muito bacana, mas ele deixa um gosto de algo que você já viu antes. Kudos por usarem outra versão do “Kung Fu Fighting”. Grande fã dessa música. Esse spot de alguma forma me lembrou de outro spot dirigido pelo próprio Bond, e que eu acho um ds melhores já feitos até hoje: o Wrangler Cafe.

Pepsi Kung Fu

Wrangler Cafe