Cosmos Blackout Edition

I’ve been eyeing the Home Kit for the NY Cosmos issued (or Tailored) by Umbro, for a while now. And then just came across their Blackout Edition. Which I’d say is the same as Nike did for Brasil in the last World Cup with their Black Pack kits. Pretty cool nonetheless.


Water/Sand bottle

With potable water ready for consume everywhere we go, it’s hard to think that ‘taken for granted’ resource could be extinguished. This really cool mailer made in Brazil, make people think about it a bit more:

Nike “Brasil True Colors” ft. Nunca

Nike is doing a collaboration with six different artists from six different nationalities in anticipation for the 2010 World Cup, dubbed Nike Six (6) Collaboration. It features Mister Cartoon for the USA, Nunca for Brasil, James Jarvis for Engalnd, Delta for the Netherlands, So Me of the Cool Cats collective for France and Kronk Kronk for South Africa. It’s pretty dope.

And it seems they just did used one of their Sportswear stores, to showcase Nunca’s collab work. See pics below:

And it seems they also had the super cool ‘Black Pack’ there:

via Isa Ferreira and FreshnessMag.

NEW Brasil World Cup Kit

Nike has finally released the uniform 1 for Brasil (along with 8 other National Teams uniforms) to use in the upcoming World Cup. I like that they kept it simple. Very similar design t the one Nike used in year 2000. It is also “green”: each shirt is made out of 8 recycled PET bottles. Hopefully, Team Brasil (i just really wanted to type it this way… like how hey do Team USA, or Team Canada), will do well and get the “Hexa” this year.

Here’s Pato sporting the new Uniform 1:

And here’s the training gear, in an all-black colorway:

This new training gear is pretty cool looking. Definitely a departure for the usual colorful Brasil Uniforms. Pretty nice touch, just making the whole CBF shield yellow, and knocking it out of the black on the shirt.  I was already considering buying New Zealand’s All Black uniform (it looks bad ass, i’m glad they use the same stuff s their rugby team), i might just cop out the Brasil All Black too.

Brazil uniform 2 for World Cup 2010

I guess Nike unveiled the uniform 2 by giving it to brazilian celebs during carnival. I gotta say it  reminds me of the swedish uniform (with the blue/yellow color scheme). And the many dots on the front also kinda ‘cheapens’ the design, making it look more like a training uniform rather than an imposing game uniform. That’s my humble 2 cents on it. Hopefully the traditional yellow shirt/blue shorts kit gets a better treatment.

Below: Luana Piovanni holding the new Brazil uniform 2

The New Reais – Brazil is changing their money… again…

So the BC (Banco Central or something like Central Bank), just released images of the new Reais. They are keeping tradition with the past brazilian paper money, and are colored (brazilian people like the colorful stuff), but now, they each have a different size, related to their value (so the smaller ones have less value than the bigger one), which was made in order to help visually impaired people to distinguish the money.

Brazil has had so many different currencies throughout the years. The first one was actually called Real as well (but the plural at that time would be Réis, instead of the current Reais. I guess we were still more grammatically tied to the original Portuguese grammar). Then we had the Cruzeiro, Cruzeiro Novo, Cruzeiro again, Cruzado, Cruzado Novo, Cruzeiro, Cruzeiro Real, and at last the current Real. Below are a few samples of all these cited above.

Wonder if other countries have had as many currency changes as we had in the past century…