Finding Evan Ratliff


Wired mag is doing an ARG game, where one of its editors try to ‘disappear’ from the world (click on the pic above and it’ll take you to the Wired site). He’ll still be in the US, and will be hidden for 30 days (til Sep 15th). Whoever finds him, can get $5k. Basically what they wanna prove with it, is that with the quantity of information about you circulating via web or other places nowadays, it’s basically impossible to hide from anyone.

It seems this is based on a real story, from an ex-Eaton employee, who spent too much company money, and was trying to ‘disappear’ so he could start a new life with a new identity. Obviously he got caught and is now in jail.

Would you ‘reboot’ your life? What you do with it? Do you know where things went wrong?