Deep fried gadgets

So, photographer Henry Hargreaves has decided to get gadgets, and cook them in a deep fryer. He says:  “I see similarities between tech culture and fast food. Quickly devoured and then discarded.” And the man has got a point. And plenty of cool photos to demonstrate it.



p.s. No actual electronics were harmed in the making of these amazing shots: all of them were made out of foamcore. Still they look like the real thing. And also appetizing, like most things deep-fried.

I want a new gadget!!!

Wired has this interesting article about our love for shiny new gadgets, and its penchant for “dying”/breaking on us, right after the warranty expires. It’s funny that I’ve never had a gadget “die” on me. At least not that I remember. Which kind of explains the great dusty gadget collection I have right now (ipods, playstation, the 1st brick game boy, the color game boy, the slimmer game boy, sony cybershots and so on). I do kinda wished my first gen iPhone would break, just so I have an excuse to get me a new one. But it’s been holding pretty strong (despite its collection of scratches and dings). Anyways, check out the link above. It’s worth a read.