Meet Steve Nash – The business entrepreneur dude

Pretty cool article on Nash’s ventures outside basketball. It seems like few athletes know what to do when their pro sports career is over. Nash doesn’t. He is adapting already. In some ways, it’s pretty similar to what Magic Johnson has been doing (maybe it’s a PG kinda thing.) Anyways, it’s a good short read, and it applies to anyone really. Click on the image below.

MVPuppets – Kobe re-enacts his jump over an Aston Martin

I really liked this campaign. Let’s see what happens now, since LeBron couldn’t get the Cavs to the Finals.

I also wonder why Adidas doesn’t make anything related to Dwight Howard. Superman, the biggest smile on the NBA and so on… seems like such a fertile territory to create something for. PLUS he just carried the Magic into the Finals… what more does the man need to do to get some nice ad campaign going for him?