Hyperaddictive Stupid Games

Remember Tetris? Angry Birds? Draw Something and what not? Here’s a great article on NY Times Mag about how these hyperaddictie stupid games have been part of human culture since… huh… forever.

Plus, they designed this little game on their page, where you can shoot down elements from the page (ads, titles etc etc). Click on the image below to check it out:


The U.S. terror alert Re-Design

NY Time asked some famous designers to rethink the Terror alert graphic. Which looks like this now:


Here’s Neville Brody/Jeff Knowles’s take on it:


Here’s Paula Scher’s version:


Here’s Sam Potts’s:


And here’s Fogelson-Lubiner’s take:


Out of these, the ones I liked the most are Paula’s and Neville/Jeff’s versions. If you think about it, we are always in a state of alert (think government conspiracy trying to put fear in people’s mind), i eman, really, anything can happen at any given time, which is why we are always in a “Cautious” state. No need for the levels below that. It’s either “be careful” or “shit’s gonna happen”. And that’s basically what Paula achieves with her take on it. I also liked Neville/Jeff’s take on it because it’s simple and quick to read (although I bet that people that are older, and dont text much will never know what those emoticon means).

They are some real good takes on it. The thing is, Im not sure how much of it is useful. I mean, do you actually go online or on tv looking to know what’s the alert like today? Oh. its orange…. OK. Carry on…