Obama – Blackberry = New president of the USA


Interesting article on NY Times about Obama having to give up his crackberry addiction, in order to be more “protected”. I honestly can’t see many people functioning without web/emails nowadays. Though he would have all his crew backing him up, so I guess he’d be okay. Regardless, it’s a great PR boost for RIM (the Blackberry manufacturer). One thing that I find curious is that the Blackberry is engrained in the north americans business cultures, but it hasn’t really caught up to the rest of the world. I always talk to friends from other countries, and they say that seeing people typing on their bberrys are not as common as it is the US. Usually what is consumed here, gets consumed in other countries real fast, such is the “globalization”, I guess, but that’s not the case with the bberry. This doesn’t seem to apply for the iPhone though. People are going after it wherever it is released. Anyways, click on the pic, or here for the NY Times article.