Rio 2016, é nóis aqui traveiz

Wow, this was kinda unexpected (at least for me). So many reasons for it: Brazil would be hosting the 2014 World Cup, and why would they give another major sporting event to the same country two years after? Also I still wonder where all the money will come from, and if the country has the infrastructure to receive so many tourists (people say that the influx of money that will come from the tourists will heat up the economy), but thing is: you need to be ready for them. And I dont think we are (not right now). Well, I guess we hope for the best. And when time comes, we ‘dá um jeitinho’.

Anyways, the post was more so I could post this video produced by O2 in Brasil. Very reminiscent of W+K/Nike stuff. Nice photography. Using real world sounds to bring the music in. It’s nicely executed. (and does not show favelas).