This is a little side project I got going on, just for fun. I decided to make soccer player’s faces out of geometric shapes. I have five faces so far, and am accepting suggestions for which other players I should tackle. Check my tumblr out and please share!

dk_rooney dk_ibrahimovic dk_prince

Nike Clash Collection

So for the Euros this year, Nike came out with the Clash Collection: where they got the top models of each line they currently have, and added a splash of color on the heel part. It looks pretty nice.

But apparently they also extended the collection to some of their Sportswear line:


The tennis AC looks pretty simple and dope!

NY Cosmos – The comeback (?)

Umbro just unveiled the kit for the famed NY Cosmos. Even though, they don’t even have a team yet. I guess they’re banking on the cache that the name still has, after all, the Cosmos did unite a bunch of the world’s most famous players (Pelé, Carlos Alberto, Beckembauer etc). The kit itself is pretty cool. I think it could do without the green accents, but oh well.