Cosmos Blackout Edition

I’ve been eyeing the Home Kit for the NY Cosmos issued (or Tailored) by Umbro, for a while now. And then just came across their Blackout Edition. Which I’d say is the same as Nike did for Brasil in the last World Cup with their Black Pack kits. Pretty cool nonetheless.


NY Cosmos – The comeback (?)

Umbro just unveiled the kit for the famed NY Cosmos. Even though, they don’t even have a team yet. I guess they’re banking on the cache that the name still has, after all, the Cosmos did unite a bunch of the world’s most famous players (Pelé, Carlos Alberto, Beckembauer etc). The kit itself is pretty cool. I think it could do without the green accents, but oh well.

The new England Kit (by Umbro)


As the big soccer fan that I am, I was actually quite interested to see what Umbro had come up with. They had been releasing trailers, and people were buzzing on the web trying to figure out how the new kit would look like. We all knew that Aitor Throup would be spearheading the design of it. And that they’d try to get cues from the famous Saville Row tailors and their superb custom-made suits. While the buildup was cool, I was, in a way, quite underwhelmed with the new kit. I do appreciate that each one of them is custom sized to each player (hello Saville Row), and that it remits back to the classic England 66 kit, BUT it does not ‘intimidate’ opponents , like Umbro says it does (although that probably has to do with the fact that the latest England squads weren’t very good, even if they had very good players). All in all, it’s not a bad kit (like some recent Brazil kits that look like a training uniform). It has character, great attention to detail, and looks nicely fitted. Let’s see what Nike, Adidas and Puma come up with for their next National Team kits.